We build for you!

ÖBB Train Tech is building an innovative maintenance center at the former area of the freigth railway station in Vienna Floridsdorf. ÖBB's brand-new "Cityjet Doppelstock Neu" trainsets will be serviced here in future. The ultra-modern trains will be travelling on Vienna's main line from 2026. In total, more than 100 double-decker multiple units with a length up to 160 meters will be in operation in the future. New and modern maintenance concepts guarantee customers well-maintained trains. 

Modern vehicles need modern workshops

To make the access ways to the maintenance workshop short and the processes efficient, this easily accessible location was chosen. Construction work on the maintenance hall will begin in spring 2024 and will be completed in 2026. A workshop with six maintenance tracks and one graffiti cleaning track with different lengths and equipment will be built. From 2026, the "Cityjet DOSTO New" sets are to be maintained in Floridsdorf. The project, which is budgeted with an investment volume of over EUR 100 million, will be implemented on a building area of around 40,000 m² - with 16,000 m² of pure building - space.

We build sustainably

In total, more than 5200 m² of photovoltaic systems with over 1100 kWp will be installed on the roof and façade, which corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of about 360 households. With the comprehensive green roof and façade, a pleasant integration into the surroundings is created. In addition, positive influences on the environment, such as the binding of CO2 and particulate matter as well as the cooling and humidification of the environment, are also achieved.

Visualisation of the future maintenance hall

We create jobs

The new location offers 150 new employees a state-of-the-art workplace.  
Interested in a technical-job with meaning?

Jobs in Vienna

The new workshop in detail

State-of-the-art equipment is used in the new workshop. This guarantees top-maintained trains:

12-piece rail car body lifting system 
700 m of track-side rooftop work platforms 
7 crane systems with a lifting capacity of up to 12.5 t  
Bogie countersink  
Other state-of-the-art facilities 


Do you have any questions about the new Cityjet DOSTO maintenance center? Please write to upgrade@s-bahn.wien 

Further information in German:

Instandhaltungshalle und Abstellkonzept Floridsdorf - ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG (oebb.at)