Maintenance of Vectron locomotives: services & benefits

The Vectron is considered to be the up-and-coming locomotive in Europe. The locomotives boast innovative technology that carries them from the Atlantic to the Adriatic and from the North Sea to the Black Sea. Our Linz location is our competence centre for the Vectron fleet.

When it comes to the professional maintenance of rail vehicles, ÖBB Train Tech is the leader. We are the number one when it comes to keeping your rail vehicles in perfect shape. Thanks to our extensive experience with almost all modern locomotives in Europe, Vectron locomotives are also in the best hands with us.

Everything in-house, everything from a single source.

A reliable partner is of uttermost importance when it comes to overhauling or reconditioning large components, and that's when having years of experience really pays off. And that's exactly what we offer you. And much more. In our Vectron Competence Centre, we provide all services from a single source and under one roof. We combine intelligent technology with sophisticated maintenance concepts. Not only does this make your locomotives ready for operation again as quickly as possible. It also saves time. And that saves money. We optimally adapt our maintenance services to the requirements of our customers and combine the maintenance steps into individual maintenance modules. From the reconditioning of numerous vehicle components all the way to complete overhauls, repairs and accident damage rectification.

Take advantage of:

  • Short lead times
  • Professional reconditioning of your vehicle components and our extensive pool of spare parts
  • Our comprehensive expertise in accident damage repair

Our services:

  • Assumption of full ECM responsibility (ECM1 to ECM4)
  • Reconditioning of vehicle components, such as:
    • Bogies
    • Wheelsets and drive units
    • Traction motors
    • Current collectors
    • Air conditioning units
    • Test track with different contact line voltages
      (15kV AC, 25kV AC, 1kV DC and 3kV DC)