ECM management

We guarantee the reliable operational condition of your vehicles.
According to EU regulations, a maintenance manager must be registered for each rail vehicle and entered in the rolling stock register. As the Entity in Charge of Maintenance (ECM), we employ a certified maintenance system to ensure that the reliable operational condition of your vehicles is always guaranteed.

We currently assume full ECM responsibility for more than 20,000 vehicles. You too can benefit from our many years of experience and our extensive expertise in the maintenance and repair of rail vehicles.

Our offer:

ECM management function (ECM 1):

  • Overall responsibility for the reliable maintenance and repair of your vehicles
  • Coordination of all ECM functions to ensure the vehicles are in a condition for safe operation
  • Risk management in the scope of maintenance and repair processes
  • Comprehensive subcontracting management

ECM management function (ECM 2):

  • Development of technically advanced maintenance and repair guidelines ensuring the highest safety level
  • Management of maintenance and repair data (design records, operator’s log book, maintenance records)

ECM vehicle fleet maintenance management function (ECM 3):

  • Technical approval of workshops
  • Control and monitoring measures for maintenance providers

ECM maintenance provider function (ECM 4):

  • Performing maintenance work in accordance with appropriate guidelines
  • Keeping records of the maintenance work
  • •    Giving the go-ahead for operation