Basic price and price composition

Remuneration for our services is determined in individual cases for each specific customer. The basic price for the contract is deemed to be an hourly rate of 144.00 Euros (excl. VAT), which is supplemented in accordance with the services to be performed, such as light and heavy maintenance services, conversion, new build, mobile services, as well as other services with corresponding extra charges and reductions.

In determining the extra charges and reductions in the individual case it is principally the individual requirements for the maintenance facilities needed, the extent of actual engineering services required, the creditworthiness of the customer, the order volume, the time components of the order (e.g. the short-term nature of the order, the execution time demanded), the individual requirements of the customer as regards certifications, documentation, compliance with the customer's systems, product-specific training requirements, training certificates and individual logistics organisation and processing (including vehicle supply, materials logistics and order management), which are taken into consideration.