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You have the vehicles. We have the know-how. And hence, we are an indispensable partner for both small and large railway companies in Europe. In our workshops, 4,000 technicians take care of optimum maintenance of railway vehicles and the associated components.

We rely on forward-thinking maintenance and repair concepts. Thus, we ensure that our partners have maximum availability of their vehicles with least possible stops in a workshop. Modern technology allows us to identify and rectify errors and malfunctions in time, before any major damages take place. And our technicians perform this task on the spot wherever possible. Our biggest plus, without a doubt, are decades-long experience of our experts and a close-knit service network in the heart of Europe. Together with an extensive spare parts pool we ensure cost-efficient maintenance and repair far beyond the borders of Austria.


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Fleet maintenance and management

Our maintenance and repair philosophy follows one fundamental objective: we ensure maximum readiness of your vehicles with forward-thinking maintenance and repair concepts. Or in other words: we make our partners’ vehicles available to them when they need them.

Component maintenance and repair

Whether it is traction motors of 1,600 kilowatt power, wheelsets weighing in tons or delicate pneumatic valves--with our technicians your components are in the best hands. We repair, manufacture and develop components for all types of railway vehicles.

Modernisation, redesign & assembly

Good things do not have to come at a high price. We breathe new life into used vehicles--whether it is through extending the functionality, increasing the efficiency or upgrading to the latest technological standards. Customer wishes come first. And the end result is innovative railway vehicles that set new standards.


Our engineers not only think about what should function today. They also consider what will be crucial tomorrow. And they fuse established practices with innovative ideas in their maintenance concepts. The result: highest possible readiness and maximum safety of your vehicles. And that in the shortest idle times. Don’t miss this advantage!

ECM management

According to the EU Directive, a maintenance technician has to be defined and entered in the vehicle register for each railway vehicle. As the Entity in Charge of Maintenance (ECM), we ensure through a certified maintenance and repair system that safe operating condition is guaranteed at all times for your vehicle.


Materials management

The best maintenance philosophies are of no avail if the necessary spare parts are missing. Therefore, we not only organise for our customers the optimum maintenance and repair of their vehicles, we also ensure quick and trouble-free provision of the required spare parts or components.

Breakdown trains

These yellow angels are not just there on the roads. Our breakdown train teams respond to any technical malfunctions or accidents on a rail transport route. These teams ensure that the concerned track section is cleared quickly and safely. 24 hours a day. 365 days a year.

Mobile service

Quick help is the best! Access routes to the workshops should be as short as possible to ensure efficient maintenance and maximum possible availability. And what’s even better: our service engineers come directly to the train and complete the necessary work right on the spot.

Reconstruction of freight wagons

Different freight requires special wagons with which it can be transported. We develop, design and manufacture all types of freight wagons for our customers, specially matched to their respective requirements. And that too in small batches of less than a hundred pieces.