Vehicle sales FAQ

Why do the Austrian Federal Railways sell rail vehicles?

In order to meet the requirements of the market, the Austrian Federal Railways are constantly renewing their vehicle fleet.

How does a bidding process work?

  • Only companies with a company registration number, associations with an association number, and private individuals with a bank guarantee are eligible to participate.
  • Interested parties receive a list of locomotives for sale.
  • Interested parties receive proposed dates for vehicle inspections.
  • There is a deadline by which bids must be received and any bids received after this deadline will not be considered.
  • Bids are only accepted in writing by registered mail.
  • They are opened on a fixed date in accordance with the dual control principle.
  • Evaluation of the bids
  • Submission to vehicle owner and decision on sale or second round of bidding
  • Information to the highest bidder(s)
  • Drawing up the contract of sale
  • Receipt of payment
  • Vehicle handover
  • The purchasers are responsible for collecting the vehicles and bear the costs for this.

In what condition are the vehicles sold?

The vehicles are sold “as is”, excluding any warranty and liability on the part of the seller for defects.

The purchaser is responsible for revisions, overhauls or conversions.

Can the vehicles be inspected?

A viewing is possible by appointment.

The vehicles are located at various sites throughout Germany.

Where does the purchaser collect the vehicles?

The purchaser collects the vehicles at the location where they are parked.