Innovative train maintenance

You have the vehicles. We have the know-how. And hence, we are an indispensable partner for both small and large railway companies in Europe. With us are more than 80,000 years of experience. In our workshops, 4,000 technicians take care of optimum maintenance of railway vehicles and the associated components.

We rely on forward-thinking maintenance and repair concepts. Thus, we ensure that our partners have maximum availability of their vehicles with least possible stops in a workshop. Modern technology allows us to identify and rectify errors and malfunctions in time, before any major damages take place. And our technicians perform this task on the spot wherever possible. Our biggest plus, without a doubt, are decades-long experience of our experts and a close-knit service network in the heart of Europe. Together with an extensive spare parts pool we ensure cost-efficient maintenance and repair far beyond the borders of Austria. Don’t miss this advantage.

This is what we offer you. For us, always a move ahead means:

Being able to guarantee our customers these services at all times.

  • Top-qualified employees
    (4,000 highly motivated employees with 80,000 years of experience)
  • Short idle times in workshops
    (we provide reliable and top-quality repair work during idle times when the vehicles aren't needed).
  • Modular maintenance
    (light and heavy maintenance of rail vehicles in sub-steps/maintenance modules)
  • Extensive spare parts pool
  • Dense service network
    (services along the most important railway corridors, dense network in Austria)
  • Mobile maintenance
    (smaller maintenance steps performed on the vehicle on site)