The 200th Cityjet Desiro ML leaves the workshop

On-schedule delivery of the Cityjet Desiro ML improves quality and comfort in local & regional transport.

The first finished train was delivered in December 2015, and now the 200th Cityjet Desiro ML has left the ÖBB Train Tech factory in Jedlersdorf. Over the past six years, ÖBB Train Tech technicians have been working there in cooperation with Siemens Mobility Austria to produce the top-quality commuter trains on schedule: Siemens supplied the car bodies and materials, while the ÖBB Train Tech staff handled the entire assembly process in their usual flawless manner. At peak times, more than 100 Train Tech employees were at work. The final commissioning of the trains was carried out by Siemens. The trains are in operation throughout Austria, with the majority of them – like the now completed 200th Cityjet Desiro ML – in the eastern region.