Open House and Shop Floor Opening

Workshop Simmering opens its doors

v.l.n.r: GF Emilia Andreeva-Moschen, Produktionsleiter Markus Markowitsch, GF Sandra Gott-Karlbauer, VD Klaus Garstenauer f.l.t.r: Emilia Andreeva-Moschen, Markus Markowitsch, Sandra Gott-Karlbauer, Klaus Garstenauer

What a party! In true picture-postcard weather, thousands of railroad fans young and old took the opportunity to join us in celebrating not only the 150th anniversary of the workshop at the Open Day at the Train Tech Workshop in Simmering, but also to take a look behind the scenes and get to know the railroad from a completely different perspective.

Whether at the new generation Nightjet, at the locomotives, at the bogie pushing or the driving simulator: Happy faces everywhere. In addition, almost 90 colleagues presented their work throughout the workshop and explained it in detail to the visitors.

80 million euros for the new home of the new Nightjet sets

At the Simmering location, two maintenance halls for optimum maintenance of the new Nightjet trainsets are being built with an investment volume of 80 million euros. This is where all maintenance work, from minor service activities to repairs and major overhauls, will be carried out.

As part of the open day one of the new maintenance halls for the new generation Nightjets was opened and officially handed over with a symbolic key.