ÖBB-Technische Services GmbH corporate policy alignment

1. Austria and responsibility

We are the leading, nationwide provider of maintenance and further development of railway vehicles and their components in Austria and Hungary as well as in defined target markets. Our competence in offering the highest levels of safety, reliability, vehicle availability and cost effectiveness guarantees peace of mind for our customers. When we manage railway traffic we satisfy the highest requirements of operational safety. Our firmly embedded risk management system therefore minimises commercial, environmental and technical risks and the risks associated with operating a railway.

2. Market and economics

We are the Number One in terms of vehicle reliability. Therefore, our priorities are taking over and further developing responsibility for maintenance in management, development and provision in accordance with ECM. In order to guarantee the quality and safety of our services, compliance with all relevant norms and legal standards is an important imperative. Our Performance Management team controls the cost-effectiveness of our activity and the further developments of the certified management systems. Cost management, the use of synergies, increased productivity and a lively, constant process of improvement are at the heart of our business.

3. Customers

Our continual quest for improvement in all sectors makes a valuable contribution to the growth in our customers' ability to compete. In accepting ECM responsibility we are emphasising our claim to market leadership in the maintenance of locomotives, passenger cars, railcar sets and freight wagons in Austria. We focus on the best possible service for our customers.

4. System/Innovation

We are constantly finding innovative ways to develop further our core competence in light and heavy maintenance, component maintenance, engineering and breakdown rescue and test trains. However, we undertake to provide the means required to maintain the existing systems (infrastructure, finance, staff).

5. Team

We know very well that qualified, motivated employees make the most valuable contribution to attaining our corporate targets. Therefore our work is based on the following principles for success:

  • We prepare the path together
  • We live top performance
  • We promote mutually respectful behaviour
  • We accept responsibility

We also acknowledge our role as a trainer of apprentices in the technical sector. As part of our responsibility as an employer we continue to develop safety at work, health protection and operational health management.