Mission statement

Six pillars for our success

Common values unite. Common values give identity. Common values also create commitment and reliability. They represent what we want to be and are reflected in our image.

As well as investing in people and machines, the principal strategy for attaining our targets is the further development of our corporate culture. It is only when management and work force share the same values, perceptions and behaviour that a company can achieve and maintain success.

Therefore six firm values have been derived for TS in order to establish a new kind of cooperation. Values help the individual to identify with the company. This creates a feeling of reliability in relationships between people. As far as the outside world is concerned, value orientation makes the employees feel proud to be working for this company. Therefore it is important that each individual regards the values as his personal property.

Each of us must set an example to the others. We must exemplify, promote and encourage our values. We have to spark the values into life, so that they are shared by all of us. Each person should make his contribution and find his reward in our results. Senior and junior management must work together with the workforce, for we win or lose as a team.


  • Safety
    We make no compromises on safety.
  • Ability to compete
    Today we are already working on tomorrow's solutions.
  • Customer orientation
    Nothing is too difficult for us to accomplish for our customers.
  • Responsibility
    Monitoring is good. Responsibility is better.
  • Cooperation
    First-class performance can be achieved only as a team.
  • Communication
    Only when everyone knows the destination, can we go in the right direction.