Reconstruction of freight wagons

Different freight requires special wagons with which it can be transported. We develop, design and manufacture all types of freight wagons for our customers, specially matched to their respective requirements. And that too in small batches of less than a hundred pieces.

We give a lot of importance to innovative, functional and cost-efficient vehicles, which we first design together with our customers and then bring to life. For this, we draw on the long-term experience of our technicians. Numerous trend-setting innovations in goods traffic bear our hallmark. Our goal is clear: we want to create optimum transport solutions. And, thereby, win satisfied customers.

We offer you an extensive range of services for reconstruction of freight wagons. This includes both development and planning phases, and, of course, the subsequent maintenance and repair services. We take care of planning, development and design, Technical Specification for Interoperability (TSI) approvals, building of prototypes, batch production, approvals and certifications as well as complete documentation. And when the wagons are operational, we also gladly undertake complete maintenance and repair.