Fast, furious fun in the Railjet

Furiously fast, good entertainment in Railjet, as you travel at up to 230 km/h. As from June 2016 ÖBB, together with ORF, the Austrian public service broadcaster, have been providing rail passengers with entertainment and information broadcasts from ORF TVthek on board all Railjet trains.

Passengers simply connect to the WiFi in the Railjet and are automatically linked to the on-board portal. This supplies, free of charge, information about the current rail journey, as well as more than 120 programmes from ORF TVthek. Special treat: During the UEFA European Championship, like football fans in France, ÖBB customers can enjoy the matches, for in two trains the current matches are broadcast live over ORF TVthek and the train's WiFi and is shown on the screens in both Railjet trains.

This is made possible by a greatly improved WiFi system on board the trains. The necessary conversion work has been carried out by the TS technicians in the Simmering and Matzleinsdorf workshops. To do this, in addition to the thousand metres of state-of-the-art Cat7 ether net network cable installed throughout the train, almost all the WiFi components, such as access points, switches and roof aerials have been changed and the on-board server has been expanded to six SIM cards from the mobile network operators, A1, T-Mobile and Drei.

The new technology is compatible with the WiFi AC standard and makes possible a transmission speed of up to 1,300 megabytes per second. In the future up to eighty passengers will be able to connect to the WiFi network and stream or surf simultaneously without interruptions in service or problems.