Ten steps towards the Cityjet

The TS technicians wear their bright red Cityjet shirts with obvious pride. The modern local services trains have been under construction in the Jedlersdorf technical workshop since 25th September. These workshops will be engaged in assembling a total of from 80 to 101 trains up to 2017.

Ten assembly stages are required to construct a Cityjet from several thousand individual components so that the carriage body in its final livery and the bogies can be supplied. The engineering required, plus the interior decor, has been completely carried out by the TS technicians.

The trains are assembled in a clock pulse procedure; in peak times up to eight trains are worked on and up to five train sets are delivered each month. With an investment volume of some 6.5 million Euros the workshops in Jedlersdorf are ideally suited to assembling and subsequent heavy maintenance.

The assembly stages (AS) in detail:

  • AS 1: Flooring, roof system, main power cabling
  • AS 2: Floor covering
  • AS 3: Compressed air system, interior cabling, ceiling framework
  • AS 4: Ceiling panelling, luggage racks, partition walls, air conditioning ducts
  • AS 5: Interior lighting, side wall panelling
  • AS 6: Installation of seats and information monitors, assembly of the driver's-cab control panel, affixing the front cover
  • AS 7: Installation of the bogies and corner load weighing system
  • AS 8-10: Testing and commissioning of individual vehicles,

followed by the manufacturer commissioning the train in its entirety.