Modernisation, redesign & assembly

Good things do not have to come at a high price. We breathe new life into used vehicles--whether it is through extending the functionality, increasing the efficiency or upgrading to the latest technological standards. Customer wishes come first. And the end result is innovative railway vehicles that set new standards.

It is normal business for our technicians to integrate customer requirements into the development process of new railway vehicles. Our modernisations extend the standard fittings of your vehicles to include innovative and practical solutions. We offer you a wide range of options: development of modernisation steps, professional implementation of the redesign, carrying out of inspections and approvals as well as documentation of the work. And, of course, subsequent maintenance and repair of your vehicles by request. And all of this for all types of railway vehicles.

Our technicians can look back on the experience gained over a large number of projects, in which various types of vehicles have been modified, modernised or reassembled.


  • Assembly of the ÖBB local train “Cityjet”
  • Assembly of the ÖBB premium train “Railjet”
  • Assembly of the multi-system high-performance locomotives “Taurus” for ÖBB and other railway companies
  • Assembly of 300 double-deck carriage for push-pull operation
  • Upgrading of around 800 long-distance carriages
  • Remodelling of more than 650 coaches in modern local push-pull trains
  • Development and construction of innovative freight wagons (“Inno-Waggon”, light-weight wagons, ...)