Our wheelsets travel throughout Europe! As one of the leading wheelset centres in Europe we ensure safety at the highest level - up to 50,000 times a year - with our state-of-the-art technology, consistent quality control and decades-long experience. And all of that for more than 500 different types of wheelsets.

Our high-tech wheelset machine tools work with the highest precision. Our fully automatic production lines guarantee efficient workflows and maximum quality. The computerised coating lines ensure perfectly protected surfaces. And fully electronic ultrasound testing systems ensure that even the tiniest of errors are reliably ruled out. Thus, we give your wheelsets the perfect shape and profile in the shortest time. The results of our work are consistently documented. They prove, point by point, that our quality meets the highest technical standards.

Our offer:

  • Complete or partial overhaul of wheelsets (IS1 to IS3)
  • Replacement of wheel disc and/or axle
  • Handling of all types of wheelsets (driving wheelsets, trailing wheelsets, low-floor wheelsets)
  • Fully electronic ultrasound testing of wheel discs and axles
  • Computerised surface treatment (coating)
  • Re-profiling of wheelsets in installed condition

Our equipment:

  • Fully electronic wheelset presses
  • Fully electronic ultrasonic testing systems
  • Magnetic particle testing systems
  • Vertical lathes
  • Computerised coating lines
  • Tandem underfloor re-profiling system