Air-conditioning units

Pleasantly cool - even in the middle of summer! Our cooling systems technicians service and repair all types of air-conditioning and cooling systems using state-of-the-art technology and ensure smooth functioning as well as maximum reliability of the systems throughout the life cycle.

Air-conditioning and cooling systems should function reliably and soundly so that it is always pleasantly cool for the passengers in the trains in summer. Our range of maintenance and repair services extends from inspections directly on the train - which involves cleaning the condenser, checking the cooling agent level and the switch points of the refrigeration cycle and ensuring smooth air circulation in the system - to complete overhaul of the entire system, including replacement and reworking of individual components as well as soldering work on hermetic components of the system. All overhaul activities are completed with a comprehensive functional testing.

Our offer:

Air-conditioning and cooling systems:

  • Dismounting, cleaning and initial evaluation
  • Disassembly of individual components such as condenser fans, air-conditioner fans or compressors
  • Overhaul of cooling compressors, including test run
  • Cleaning of heat exchangers and other devices
  • Replacement of individual fans
  • Evaluation, overhaul and replacement of cooling components such as solenoid valve, output controller or filter dryer
  • Acerbity check of refrigerant oil
  • Soldering work on hermetic components of the system
  • Pressure tightness check of air-conditioning and cooling systems
  • Assembly, electrical inspection and test run of the systems