Electric motors and transformers

We ensure movement! Whether it is high-powered 3-phase motors, collector motors or oil-immersed transformers - through our maintenance and repair services we ensure efficient and safe operation as well as maximum reliability of your electrical machines.

Defective traction motors often lead to breakdowns and unplanned downtimes of your locomotives. In our maintenance and repair activities we give utmost importance to the highest possible stability and readiness of your motors. Through state-of-the-art technologies and continuous development of individual maintenance and repair steps we ensure optimum availability of your machines and best possible service over the entire life cycle.

Our offer:

Traction motors or generators:

  • Dismounting, cleaning and initial evaluation
  • Initial electrical inspection
  • Small electrical and mechanical repairs of all kinds
  • Removal of irreparable old windings using pyrolysis process
  • Manufacturing of winding coils of all types
  • Rewinding of stators of 3-phase and collector machines
  • Rewinding of collector machine rotors
  • Replacement of rolling contact bearings, machining of bearing seats (including metallic spraying)
  • Impregnation according to VPI process (basis: polyesterimide resin)
  • Coating
  • Assembly and final electrical inspection
  • Fully automatic test run after maintenance, overhaul or repair work

Main transformers:

  • Initial evaluation, initial electrical inspections
  • Oil testing and treatment
  • Internal and external cleaning
  • Internal inspections and repairs or adaptation
  • Rewinding in collaboration with manufacturers
  • Overhaul and repair or replacement of accessory elements
  • Detailed electrical inspection
  • Assembly, oil filling after treatment or with new oil
  • Final electrical inspections: high-voltage testing, insulation testing, testing of transformation ratios and winding testing