Compressed air and brake components

Drive safely - brake safely! In our workshops we repair compressed air components of all types of railway vehicles. Using highest precision and extensive know-how our experts assemble up to 250 individual parts into a fully functional valve.

Whether it is locomotives, traction vehicles, carriages or freight wagons: all railway vehicles are fitted with pneumatic brakes, which are controlled by various compressed air components. Our specialists take care of optimum maintenance, in which each pneumatic component is disassembled into its individual parts, is thoroughly cleaned, the defective parts are replaced, and the component is reassembled. A subsequent, computerised test run ensures proper functioning.

Our offer:

  • Overhaul of all types of compressed air components with operating pressure of up to 10 bar:
    • Control valves
    • Driver brake valves
    • Weighing valves
    • Pressure transmitters
    • all solenoid valves
    • Brake cylinders
    • Pressure regulating valves
  • Complete overhaul including:
    • Dismounting
    • Cleaning
    • Replacement of all elastomers
  • Mechanical inspection
  • Fully automatic inspection including electronic documentation