Breakdown trains

These yellow angels are not just there on the roads. Our breakdown train teams respond to any technical malfunctions or accidents on a rail transport route. These teams ensure that the concerned track section is cleared quickly and safely. 24 hours a day. 365 days a year.

Our breakdown trains include railway and road vehicles, which are used for remediation of accidents or rectification of technical malfunctions--across Austria, in the entire railway network of the Austrian Federal Railways. The different vehicles are equipped with all necessary tools and equipment, like e.g. hydraulic lifting equipment, chain blocks or welding equipment. Our experienced technicians are thus able to recover and tow away all types of railway vehicles quickly, safely and reliably.

Main activities:

  • Remediation of derailments
  • Removal of damaged vehicles
  • Reloading of the vehicles on to transporter trailers following technical malfunction
  • Inspection and disposal of vehicles