Maintenance and repair

Quality knows no size limit. Irrespective of how large your vehicle fleet is, it is in the best hands with us. Our workshops are certified according to the prevailing quality, safety and environment management systems and are equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

We ensure safe, reliable and cost-efficient maintenance and repair of your vehicles with distinct maintenance concepts customised to match your requirements. These include all maintenance and repair activities, starting with inspection to overhaul of various components right up to heavy maintenance and accident repairs. Know-how and logistics included.

We subdivide the work into several modules wherever possible, by which we are able to perform the maintenance activities by and large in natural idle times. Furthermore, our maintenance and repair concepts are drawn in such a way that individual components complete their respective maximum period of use. Thus, we ensure maximum possible availability with optimum maintenance and repair. We offer you an all-in service throughout the life cycle of your vehicle - as a one-stop shop.

Our services include:

  • Light maintenance
  • Heavy maintenance
  • Troubleshooting and repairs
  • Overhaul of various components
  • Provision of all necessary spare parts
  • Accident repairs
  • Organisation of maintenance and repair activities
  • Complete electronic documentation of maintenance and repair
  • for all types of railway vehicles