Fleet maintenance and management

Our maintenance and repair philosophy follows one fundamental objective: we ensure maximum readiness of your vehicles with forward-thinking maintenance and repair concepts. Or in other words: we make our partners’ vehicles available to them when they need them.

We organise complete maintenance and repair of your vehicles. For this, we avail ourselves, wherever possible, of every scheduling-related interval to perform the maintenance work and shift the required maintenance activities to natural idle times. We ensure maximum availability and readiness of your vehicles with our mobile service teams, which rectify errors and malfunctions directly on the train on the spot. However, this works not just for smaller repairs. More extensive maintenance and repair activities are divided by our engineers into several maintenance modules, which can also be reliably completed in idle items. Hence, professional maintenance and repair becomes possible in the shortest dowmtimes--irrespective of how large the vehicle fleet is.

Maintenance and repair

Quality knows no size limit. Irrespective of how large your vehicle fleet is, it is in the best hands with us. We ensure safe, reliable and cost-efficient maintenance and repair of your vehicles with distinct maintenance concepts customised to match your requirements. Know-how and logistics included.

Mobile service

Quick help is the best! Access routes to the workshops should be as short as possible to ensure efficient maintenance and maximum possible availability. And what’s even better: our service engineers come directly to the train and complete the necessary work right on the spot.

Overhaul of spare parts and components

Our technicians use all their knowledge and expertise from vehicle maintenance and repair for the overhaul of the associated components. And they always have one goal in mind: maximum readiness of the vehicles through perfectly functioning components.