The new discussion format at ÖBB Train Tech is going into the next round.

After a short summer break, we are pleased to invite you to another edition of Bahnbrechend, the discussion format for specific topics about the future. On this occasion, it’s taking place in cooperation with the FH Technikum Wien, in person and with an audience for the first time. Nevertheless, there will be an option here to follow the event via stream.

The discussion will take place on 28/09/2021 from 6:00 - 7:00 pm in the auditorium of the FH Technikum Wien.

The all-female panel will discuss the topic "Digital innovations in the mobility industry":

  • Introduction by the Managing Director of the FH Technikum Wien Gabriele Költringer.
  • Sylvia Geyer, Rector of the FH Technikum Wien
  • Sandra Gott Karlbauer, ÖBB Train Tech, Managing Director
  • Patricia Neumann, Managing Director IBM Austria
  • Alexandra Reinagl, Managing Director Wiener Linien

Various trends in the digital world such as augmented reality, big data analytics, digital platforms and GPS tracking are also occupying the mobility sector. In the course of the discussion, you will learn which solutions already exist, which are still in development, and how companies can integrate these trends.

To be part of the audience (3G proof required) please register here. (Capacity is limited to 50 people, and places will be assigned on a first come first serve basis) Afterwards you will still have the opportunity for an informal exchange.

We look forward to your participation and an exciting discussion!

Follow-up report

The second edition of Bahnbrechend took place on 28/09/2021: Sylvia Geyer (FH Technikum), Patricia Neumann (IBM), Alexandra Reinagl (Wiener Linien) and Sandra Gott-Karlbauer (ÖBB TRAIN TECH) discussed digital innovations in the mobility industry and topics such as big data, predictive maintenance, and AI.

From left to right Sylvia Geyer (FH Technikum), Alexandra Reinagl (Wiener Linien), Patricia Neumann (IBM) and Sandra Gott-Karlbauer (ÖBB TRAIN TECH), moderator Erika Steger (ÖBB TRAIN TECH)
From left to right Florian Eckkrammer (FH Technikum), Sylvia Geyer (FH Technikum), Alexandra Reinagl (Wiener Linien), Franz Haas (Start-up Mobilytics), Patricia Neumann (IBM) and Sandra Gott-Karlbauer (ÖBB TRAIN TECH), moderator Erika Steger (ÖBB TRAIN TECH)

The experts’ perspectives varied, but there was one thing they all agreed on: Besides technological innovations, the human factor will always be central. People, both as employees and customers, will always be at the centre, and not the other way round. Learning new abilities and skills will be decisive for the employees of the future. #jobsmitsinn

You can see the whole discussion here.